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Cheap Ralph Lauren are became pristine pesos

Drug lords use atms to wash dirty money

The skinny is dan collins' take on the top news of the day and the polo homepage best of line.

The wall street journal reports that this friendly, neighborhood atm has turned into a favorite haunt of those nasty colombian drug lords.

Actually, minions of the drug lords race from atm to atm making small cash contamination of $500 to $2, 000.On a recent foray through ny city, two minions left $111, 000 into 112 accounts.

Programs sunny colombia, other minions use their atm cards to take out the same money in pesos.The outcome is clean, highly detailed, freshly http://www.stevegriffin.co.uk/cheap-ralph-lauren-polo-shirts-uk.html washed cash.

"The manufacturer at its height was moving about $2 million a month, bridget brennan, special narcotics prosecutor for ny city, told the log.

The process by which dirty dollars Cheap Ralph Lauren are became pristine pesos is known as"Microstructuring, though it's deeply doubtful this is just what the drug lords call it.

Microstructuring is a major headache for police, who point out that other criminal organizations and terrorists can use the strategy, which has blossomed with the worldwide growth of atms.

The anti london hilton?

The journal likewise has its eye on the social scene, and reports that yesterday's debutantes are today's hard nosed enterprisers.

"Are a lot more women who are rejecting both the party girl ways of paris hilton and the social registry strictures of old money to join today's entrepreneurial rich.This new breed hates the definition 'socialite, ' which once meant grace and status but now implies apathy, hedonism and catty social hiking, the publication informs us.

Exhibit a for the log is dylan lauren, the little princess of ralph lauren(Though any of stevegriffin you looking to hear that lauren has turned around a steel mill in a small, destitute pennsylvania town are doomed to let-Down. )

What lauren has done is to start a old fashion candy store.Properly, not just a old fashion candy store.Dylan's bag of chips, the journal records, is the usual"High end candy company she founded in ny that's rapidly expanding into fashion and 'candy couture. --"

"My goal now isn't staying queen of the party circuit, lauren suggests. "I will create an empire of candy,

A little bit of boy's tragedy

Newsday writes about the court testimony of 10 year old new york boy who was shot in the eye during the burglary of the house.

The gunshot left john henry romano in part paralyzed.The boy still cannot play baseball or football.

"I felt real lessen, the boy told a legal court.

John henry claimed that one of three men who entered his house wore gold grills on his teeth.Extra witnesses, newsday submitted, regarded watson as the shooter and said he wore gold grills.

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